What won’t you…

buy at a thrift shop?

I made several trips to our local Salvation Army this summer.  And I got some great deals.  My most recent was an IKEA dining table (with barely a scratch on it) for $9.99.  Really.  They marked it low because it was “wobbly”.  However, upon closer inspection, I discovered it was only wobbly because the legs had not been properly bolted in.  Yay for me!

Anyways, I got thinking about the fact that in my own experience, there are things I would NEVER buy at a thrift shop.  I’m kind of curious if other people have their own “untouchables” and if they’re the same or different than mine. 

(Please note that this list does NOT include undergarments, because, I do not know anyone anywhere who would ever buy underwear and bras used by someone else.  EVER.  Talk about gross.)

That just goes without saying.

OK, so here are the

Things I would NEVER buy at a thrift shop:

Bathing Suits.  This really is almost an undergarment, yes?

Shoes.  Just thinking about wearing shoes that belonged to someone I don’t know makes me throw up in my mouth a little. 

Bedding.  Ick.  I know it can be washed, but ick.

Purses.  I can’t explain this one.  I just don’t like the idea of it.  Maybe it’s because I know how dirty the inside of my own purse gets after carrying around my own stuff and three short people’s stuff.

Upholstered furniture.  Three things – smelly, dirty, and what on earth could be living inside there?

Throw Pillows.  See above.

Ummkay, I think that’s it.

So now it’s your turn.  What’s on your list?


6 thoughts on “What won’t you…

  1. score on the ikea table!! let’s see pictures of it!
    i’m with you on the undergarments. although i’m not sure why, because as you say, they can be washed. but some things just don’t seem right i guess.
    pillows – there’s not really a good way to wash them, so most likely, i wouldn’t buy pillows of any sort.
    i do however buy thrift shoes. i recently got a pair of pumas (read $70 shoes) at salva’s that were like brand new. i will throw any shoes that can handle it into the wash (like my pumas). hmm. i can’t think of anything else right now that i wouldn’t buy. as long as it seemed in good enough condition & can be cleaned/washed – sold! i probably just grossed you out, right?

  2. Andi

    I am so with you on everything but the purses. 🙂 I totally wouldn’t buy a mattress! Some people in my family have and just the thought of buying a used mattress grosses me out.

  3. Steph

    Hey Manda – no, I’m not too grossed out. The more I think about it, the more I think I’m a little crazy about the shoes since in most instances I’m perfectly willing to put a pair of bowling shoes on when I go bowling. Go figure.

    And Andi, hi and welcome! Glad you commented… I TOTALLY agree on the mattress. That would be gross. I didn’t even think of it for my list, but you’re so right!


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