TTAH Tuesday – Let them help!

One of the struggles of being a mom with preschoolers is how to get projects accomplished around the house with little ones underfoot.  My motto is “Let them help!”

Yes, this can sometimes cause even bigger messes, but it often provides benefits:

  • giving the child a sense of accomplishment
  • allowing them to learn new skills
  • letting to get something done while they are busy “helping”

One perfect place to do this is when you’re painting.  I’ve let my children help me paint rooms a few times now.  They really enjoy it, and it generally doesn’t cause too much trouble if I prepare well.

(Want to see some photos?  Click here.)

Preparing to have the kids’ paint includes using drop cloths (do not skip this step!), giving them very small paintbrushes, dressing them in old paint clothes, and then giving them plastic cups with very, very small amounts of paint in them.  The older the child, the bigger the brush is a good rule of thumb!  You can give the older children some instruction and generally they’ll do pretty well.

Don’t be scared of letting your kids help you paint!  Latex paints are pretty easy to clean off skin!  And they’ll have a ball painting pictures on the wall before you go ahead and put the first coat on.


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