busy, busy, busy

You know every time I hear that I think of the magician on Frosty – don’t you? 

I haven’t been blogging in a while.  Or calling friends back (sorry).  We have been busy around here, working on a girls’ room makeover.  We are now ready to reveal…

But first I’ll start with a before picture.  Think dull blue walls, extra bright pink curtains, and way too much clutter.

Before:  Princess-themed room.  Hmm, yes - that's what we'll call it.

Before: Princess-themed room. Hmm, yes - that's what we'll call it.

In process…


My painting helper (?)

My painting helper (?)


And Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for…



Finally Finished!

Finally Finished!


Aaah.  Done.  And the girls are thrilled.  (So am I, because I can actually see the floor and there’s no clutter!)  So here’s the details in case you’re interested…

I bought the bedding and matching valances earlier in the year from Penney’s – that was probably the biggest cost of the project (about $120).  The two dressers I got from 48A-Z for $55.  I thought that was a pretty good deal – they are both in good condition, the drawers slide well, and they are large – just what we needed.  I spent about $24 on primer and paint for the dressers and the bunk beds.  The bunk beds were free (thanks, Mom!).  I spent a lot of time and elbow grease sanding, priming, and painting all the furniture – but I think it was worth it.  The paint and new rollers for the walls, from Wal-Mart, was about $30.  After I took the photos, I also went to Target and bought some accessories – a new lamp, a garbage can (matching, of course), new bed pillows for A, and a bedside caddy for the top bunk – all about $40. 

So totalled up, I spent about $270.  Not bad.  Considering I’m planning on having a garage sale in August where I’d like to sell the old bedroom furniture set for at least $350.  (It’s a twin bed with canopy, desk with hutch, dresser with mirror, chest of drawers, and a corner cabinet with tabletop – anyone interested?)  I’m hoping to make money on the whole deal! 

So that’s what we’ve been up to.  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “busy, busy, busy

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  2. I like how it turned out!!!! Hope Allison does well in her BIG girl bed and Lindsey adjusts to having a roommate—–I agree with the painting and letting kids help. It empowers them and they feel apart of the whole process…and for you it was “their” room……

    —-I can totally picture the magician saying “busy, busy, busy”……thanks for the mental picture—–


  3. Awesome job Steph!! We’ve been doing some small makeovers around here, and hopefully will keep doing them. I think you’re very daring for letting the kids help! I might let Lincoln help me, but Malacai….

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