TTAH Tuesday – Springdale Farm

Last week’s field trip was to Springdale Farm in Spencerport. 

Here’s the website for more information:

This is a definite must-do field trip for preschoolers to school aged children.  Not too far away and doesn’t take too long to get through.  Nice variety of animals.  Some learning activities.  Free admission, although the petting zoo area and the dairy barn tour you must pay for.  They also have a playground and picnic tables in case you’d like to pack a lunch.

Try it out & let me know if your family gives it a thumbs-up, too!


3 thoughts on “TTAH Tuesday – Springdale Farm

  1. drawingcloser

    Amy… although we live in this area primarily because our families are here, the bonus is that we can re-visit some of those childhood favorites! You should see Springdale now… it’s “all grown up” now, with a visitor center and dairy barn tour!

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