i love the NLT

The New Living Translation.  That’s the Bible translation I’m reading this year. 

Love it.

Came across the following verse recently and made a mental note to try to memorize it.

Psalm 142:3  “When I am overwhelmed, you alone know the way I should turn.”

Even though I haven’t been feeling too overwhelmed lately, I know the day will come soon when I’ll need this verse and it will be useful to have memorized it. 

In other news, summer is in full swing and we have been busy with strawberries (shortcake, jam, bread), cherries (pie, cobbler, jam), an overnight at Covenant Acres, and the pool.  My house is kind of a disaster.  When the kids are home from school, it doesn’t take long to make it look like a hurricane hit!

Speaking of kids… I should go find out what they’re up to!  Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “i love the NLT

  1. Heather

    How did the overnight at CA go??? I was wondering if I could stop over sometime next week? I have some to drop off to you—long time in coming—but after looking at it for long and thinking of you, I think it is time you have rightful ownership to it again—-can you guess what it is??????? I will call next week to make sure you are home and in the mood for visitors! hahahahah…..miss our Tuesdays……

    and as for translations, I personally connected and liked how the lady from WOF retold the story—–because I can not have her with me everyday to make it so real, I too like NLT….good verse to keep with us at all times…..


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