TTAH Tuesday – Buy Two

Each of my children has had a favorite “thing” that they carry around, cuddle with, and generally can’t go to sleep without.  For L it was a stuffed kitty.  For D a blanket with a taggie that he loved to rub.  And for A it’s a crocheted blanket from my mom. 

If you are just in the beginning stages of your parenting journey, this tip is for you.  Whatever you find that your child is “attached” to, buy two of them.  That way you’ve always got a back-up!

I didn’t do this on purpose with L.  Just by coincidence, she got two of the exact same kitty when she was born.  This saved us countless troubles… because I could wash one and she was able to use the other.  And if we misplaced one, there was always the other one to love.  So when D came along, and I found that his security item was a blanket, I went to Target and bought a second one.  Again, a lifesaver. 

A is going to be more difficult because her favorite item is a handmade blanket.  So far she has been able to get along with a substitute crocheted blankie in a pinch.  But God forbid we ever lose her favorite!  That might just be the end of the world.  🙂

So be prepared, new mommies, and buy two!


3 thoughts on “TTAH Tuesday – Buy Two

  1. i’ve read about doing this. linc has blankie that he seems pretty attached to and i’ve often wondered if we should have gotten two. i haven’t really looked into whether or not they still make them anywhere.

  2. Hi Stephanie!

    So good to be in touch with you again! Your blog is beautiful!

    And I liked this tip — just last night my mom recommended I take a baby blanket and cut it into 4 pieces for our little one, just in case 1 or 2 pieces get lost or something. I may just have to try this attachment item idea… I’ve never done it for my others.

    I’ll check back in soon!

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