I am a champion pee cleaner-upper.

(Can I put that on my resume??)

First, the dog.  The dog is a champion too.  At peeing.  And at night (not every night, but a few times now), instead of coming and waking me up to go outside, he wanders around and finds something in the house to pee on.  (Why did I want another dog?)

And secondly, the boy.  (I’ll preface this by saying he is a very deep sleeper and he often gets up to go to the bathroom, and I’m convinced that although his eyes are open, he is still asleep.  Sometimes he makes it to the toilet.  Frequently not.)

But last week he did a crazy thing.  He peed in our computer chair.  I think he thought it was the toilet.

I was shocked.  But I’ve since learned that this isn’t uncommon for boys.  I’ve heard stories about peeing in closets and dresser drawers while asleep.  Amazing.  A peeing sleepwalker.  And of course when we asked him about it, he had no idea what we were talking about.

So,  any suggestions?

How do you get an adult dog to learn to let you know when he’s got to go out?

and How do you get a sleeping pee-er to pee in the toilet?

And can I win any contests by being a champion pee cleaner-upper?


2 thoughts on “I am a champion pee cleaner-upper.

  1. intensesimplicity

    I wish I could give some helpful advice on how to keep him from pee walking. Like I said, all my guys did it one form or another whether in the closet or in a trash can. I just talked to another mom at a baseball game this week who said he boy started to pee over the balcony! I guess if you see a pattern, anticipate it and throw down some old towels in that spot. But you are headed in the right direction by waking him before you go to bed. THIS TOO SHALL PASS 🙂

  2. i think there’s definitely some contests you could win. or maybe you could hire out your pee cleaner-up services! and in the future i may need to hire you….i’m nervous for what’s down the road for me!

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