TTAH Tuesday – Consider Camp

With summer coming and the end of the school year quickly approaching, my tip for today is to consider summer camp this year.

A Christian summer camp.  More specifically, Covenant Acres Camp.

I went to Covenant Acres camp as a middle-schooler a couple of times.  I loved it.  I still remember a “good morning” song that we sang at the flagpole and sometimes sing it to my kids when they wake up.

It is a fun place for kids that can have an eternal impact – helping them to get to know God and helping them see the importance of a close relationship with Jesus.

(By the way, I can’t believe I have kids old enough to participate in summer camps!!)

Covenant Acres has a pre-school – grade 2 camp where the kids can come just during the day, or they can stay overnight 1 or 2 nights with mom or dad.  I’m going to go with my oldest daughter this summer.  I am really excited about it.

Check it out and you may want to think about going with one of your younger kids or sending an older child to camp this year!


3 thoughts on “TTAH Tuesday – Consider Camp

  1. that is a good idea pamela. maybe we should start one. i bet we could make millions off it.

    i loved covenant acres! and i can still sing many, many camp songs!

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