Little A (2 yr. old extraordinaire) has recently begun to run to her bedroom and shut the door when she’s got something or doing something that she knows she’s not supposed to have or do.

(Unfortunately, she can’t open it once it’s shut, but that’s a story for a different time.)

This morning I heard the door slam and (a) because I hadn’t had enough coffee yet, and (b) because I was busy writing an e-mail, I didn’t go check on her right away.

Then I heard “Babaaaa”.  That’s her word for drink, beverage, cup, sippy cup, or some derivation thereof.

I finally checked on her.

And I found her drinking the dog’s water.  We are dog-sitting and I had put the dog’s water in a small bowl.

A was happily holding that bowl with both hands and knocking it back.  Yum.

I’m a dog lover, but I have my limits.  I don’t even want to think about what types of germs she imbibed this morning.  Please don’t google it and tell me, it’ll just gross me out more.


2 thoughts on ““BaBaaaa”

  1. haaa. that’s so yucky!! when we had our cat i was always worried linc was going to get into her food and chow down. or worse, her litter box! luckily he was our good one and she went to kitty heaven before malacai was moving around, because he definitely would have.

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