TTAH Tuesday – getting rid of weeds

After moving into our current house early last summer, I realized I needed to learn a lot more about gardening!  We have some beautiful flower gardens, and it seemed I’d weed one day and those nasty things would be right back up the next. 

My mom recommended Preen Weed Preventer. 

Here’s a link to their website.  If you go there, you can also sign up for a great garden newsletter and they have a contest going on, too!

I put Preen on my gardens in March and I can already tell a difference from last year.  It has definitely cut down on the weeds I’ll have to pluck out!  You have to apply it once every three months, I think, but it will definitely be worth it.  I’ll caution you… it won’t kill existing weeds, but it will prevent new ones from starting.

Enjoy your garden and the warmer weather!

P.S. – Locally, BJ’s has the best price on Preen!


One thought on “TTAH Tuesday – getting rid of weeds

  1. intensesimplicity

    I need to try this!!! Guess what came in the mail? Sean’s tomato trees. And where exactly am I going to put a tomato tree?

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