TTAH Tuesday – Devotions with Kids

At our last MOPS meeting we had a youth pastor come and speak with us about sharing your faith with your kids.  She emphasized the importance of reading the Bible with our kids from a young age.

I have tried to do devotions with my kids on a regular basis, although I’ll admit that I struggle with consistency.

My tip for you today is to share what we’ve used for devotions for our preschoolers.  We’ve been happy with this… it’s short and to-the-point and definitely understandable to preschoolers.

It’s called Blessings Every Day by Carla Barnhill.

You can purchase a copy here.

I think the key for us has been to find a time that works.  We tried bedtime.  It didn’t work because by that hour I’m exhausted.  We did it at lunchtime for a while when my older kids were preschoolers… and that seemed to work.  Now we’re doing it at dinner because that’s when we’re all together and in one spot.

I highly recommend this book if you need a place to start with your preschoolers!  Let me know if you’ve got something else that works for you!


2 thoughts on “TTAH Tuesday – Devotions with Kids

  1. I have several devotional books we have used with the boys. We lean towards bedtime because bedtime stories are used as a motivator to get ready for bed in a timely manner. The quicker they get ready, the more time we have to read. Lights out at 9:00. They love to be read to before bed and I think it helps them to wind down. One of their favorites is Sticky Situations. It has a little story with a dilemma. There is a Bible verse and a list of choices what to do (A, B, C, or D). There are always funny options which make the boys laugh. And sometimes we make up our own options. They like to see if they can choose the right answer. Short and sweet and to the point is the key to making it absorbable, I think.

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