Did you know?

…that snakes can climb pipes?

Oh, yes they can.  And I’m not just talking about gigantic pythons.  Regular old garter snakes.  CAN.  CLIMB.  PIPES.

And I had one in my bathroom on Tuesday, just to prove it.

I despise snakes.  I don’t even like looking at pictures of them in books (I turn the page really fast).

So you can imagine my shock and my utter disgust to find one in my bathroom.  I knew they were out in the garden – I’d seen two in the past week.  But I never expected one in my first floor bathroom.

I almost puked.  Seriously.

And after I got off the phone leaving my husband a message telling him I can’t live like this… then I weighed my options and decided killing the thing was way better than allowing it to roam free in my house.  So I killed it.

And then yesterday we had a pest-control company out to discuss how to prevent this from happening again.  BECAUSE  I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS.

At first my husband was all like, “well, at least it was a small one.”  And I’m like “IT WAS A SNAKE.  IN THE HOUSE.  I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS!”

And after a few days now of having to check rooms before I enter them, he has graciously agreed to pay the aforementioned company ninety-eleven hundred dollars (well, not exactly) for my peace of mind.

Thank God.


7 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. So glad to hear you should have no snakes back in the house! I had no idea how you truly felt about those little reptiles!!!! I hope you have a weekend filled with more happiness and less stress.

  2. Ninety-eleven hundred dollars is a small price to pay for peace of mind. As opposed to NOT paying ninety-eleven hundred dollars and being on the receiving end of a PIECE of your mind.

  3. Ugh. That would not be a nice surprise. I don’t mind snakes, but I would defintely not want one in my bathroom… And there’s no way I would have been able to kill one; you are a brave lady.

  4. Like I said… We’ll just call you the snake-inator from now on 🙂 Has the coast been clear so far?

    • Manda,
      Can you believe, even after the pest company came last week to block up all the openings around the pipes and put out the repellant, I found ANOTHER snake inside yesterday morning – in the dining room!!! I definitely feel like I’m in one of those snake horror movies. And if the house wasn’t so perfect for us otherwise, I might be thinking…


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