TTAH Tuesday – Three Random Kitchen Tips

Hi everyone!  The sun is shining and God is good!

Here are three random kitchen tips for you today.  You may already know them, but if at least one is new to you, I promise you’ll be happy to have heard it!

  1. I was always frustrated by the fact that we could never eat all the bananas before they got too ripe.  (I despise brownish bananas – I’d prefer to eat them slightly green!)  But then my boss at the time told me that when they get too ripe, to just throw them in the freezer and then they can be used later for banana bread.  I was so psyched – no more wasting bananas, and if I need to bake something for a meeting or a friend, I almost always have some frozen bananas to use!  When they thaw, they are perfect for recipes that call for mashed bananas!
  2. Use a plastic knife to cut brownies.  (I will admit I just learned this one last week).  The knife just slides through the brownies cleanly without messing them up!  So cool!
  3. Kids want to make cookies but you don’t really feel like standing in the kitchen for an hour plopping dough on cookie sheets and waiting for them to bake??  This is perfect for you, then.  Make bar cookies.  Use the same recipe, but instead of making individual cookies, put the dough in a 13 x 9 greased baking pan.  Cook at the same temperature but cook longer… up to twice or even possibly three times the duration of the normal recipe (depends on the recipe – you’ll have to watch them closely the first time to make sure you don’t burn them).  I love doing this because I don’t mind mixing up the cookies but baking all of them can sometimes be a drag!  This way the kids are happy and so am I!

Got any busy mom kitchen tips you’d like to share??  Leave ’em in the comments section!


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