i’ve been duped…

I mean doped.  Up, that is. 

Yep, that’s exactly what the doctor told me would happen for my procedure today.  I’d be doped up.  And I was. 

In fact, I still feel a bit groggy.  I’ve been instructed not to operate heavy machinery, drive, or make important decisions for 24 hours.  So I’m blogging.  (Hmmm, maybe not such a good idea.) 

But it works out perfectly because I offered to guest-post on my friend Pamela’s blog.   And I wisely wrote the post for her blog a couple of days ago, before being doped up for the big pro-ced-ure.

So hop on over there and check it out!

P.S. – my pro-ced-ure (it sounds so professional, doesn’t it?) was a follow-up to this incident, in case you were wondering.  I may have more details about the results next Monday… so check back.


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