is it possible to be sentimental about clothes??

… and the answer is…

yes, yes, and yes again.

You probably guessed that already, because, why would I be posting about this otherwise?  right?

I only realized it this week, but I am highly sentimental about clothes.  Two days ago I got out a big rubbermaid container from the garage, filled with girl #1’s 2T clothing.  Girl #2 is ready for them.

And what a trip down memory lane it is.  Little undies with Bear (from the Big Blue House, of course) on them.  Aaaw.  A tiny rainjacket – purple with white polka dots.  How Cute.  An Easter dress.  Adorable. 

And all the thoughts & feelings that come with it… I can’t believe you ever fit into this … remember whens… and didn’t she look so cute when…?

This happens every time we drag out one of these containers.  And what a blessing it is, really.  Not only because it’s so practical and money-saving to re-use clothes, but because it offers me a chance to review my memory bank.  To selectively look at the good, the fun, the sweet memories of those days.   And some of those special, special clothes I’ve put in a box so the memories will never be lost.

All that got me thinking about other clothing I’m sentimental about:

  • Last week I cleaned out one of Dave’s drawers and put a couple of golf shirts in the “giveaway bag”.  Two were shirts I’d bought him for our honeymoon.  I was a bit sentimental (but not enough to save them!).
  • My boxed up wedding dress.  Will my daughters ever want to play dress-up in it?  (Will I let them?)
  • A shirt from The Gap that my Dad bought & sent me in a box for Valentine’s Day when I was in college.  (That shirt is, in fact, long gone.  But I remember it.)
  • An outfit my Mom bought me shortly before I got married.  (A token of love.)
  • A pair of size 10 pants I bought as a reward after losing nearly 40 pounds between child #2 and child #3.  (By the way… these hang in my closet, because I WILL fit back into them at some point.  Just sayin’.)
  • My Clarkson volleyball jacket.  (I can’t bear to part with it because I look back on that time in my life so fondly.)
  • The suit I wore during my first job interview.  It’s painfully dated, but again, I’m sentimental.  What can I say?
  • A plethora of T-shirts that document my past.  Ones from Kodak, the University of Michigan, Clarkson, Jamaica, Dallas, OSHA.  Somehow parting with these, even though I rarely wear t-shirts at all, is like severing that part of me that used to BE me. 

But I guess after all, it’s the memories that are special that I want to keep, not the clothes.  But sometimes those items evoke memories that my (busy) mind forgets about.  And what a joy it is to be able to re-visit those memories every once in a while!

What about you… what are you sentimental about?

3 thoughts on “is it possible to be sentimental about clothes??

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  2. I don’t hold on to much…..If it does not have a purpose, I get rid of it. However, just today, I was going through some old clothes of Paige’s. I did the same thing, hold it up, remember what event she wore it to, how cute she looked, what we did, what the weather was like….I even smelled it and it brought a rush of memories back. I try to save some precious things that maybe one day she can pass down to her child/ren. My mom did that for me and Paige wore some of my outfits. Memories will be forever cherished and I hope for a long time I am able to recall them. I must say, after seeing my grandmother this weekend, it reminds me that I, we, may not always have our memory working the best and so I treasure every detail I can recall and every memory that was made. If some clothes, cards, or trinkets help with those memories, save! Enjoy your trips down memory lane………when the kids get old enough, take them with you!

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