Puppy Cupcakes


Three breeds of pupcakes.



The favorite breed, a.k.a., "Molly"

For the girls’ birthdays (8th and 2nd), we had a combined party at the end of February.  The party was puppy-themed and I experimented with decorating these cupcakes to go with the theme.   I’ve been meaning to post these photos for a while but I kept forgetting.

It really was much easier than it looks.  I used canned frosting and baggies with the corners cut off (no icing bags or tips required here!) to get all of these looks and I think they turned out just fine.  I also used large marshmallows, jellybeans, mini m&ms, tootsie rolls, and starbursts to make the various ears, noses, tongues, and eyes.

I got some ideas from the web – if you’re interested in making these or other animals just google it and there are all sorts of photos & tips available.

Who knows what you could make with an adventurous spirit and a little experimentation!


One thought on “Puppy Cupcakes

  1. Wow, Steph, I am impressed and I LOVE THEM. Hopefully they tasted as good as they looked!!! I like some of your car ride ideas!! Maybe we can put some to the test this summer. Have a great week and beginning of BREAK……I might be a bit more excited than you, please forgive me! hahahaha……Two more days and then rest, play, rest, play, play some more and looking forward to seeing you.

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