this is stuck in my brain

On Monday someone shared with me a little phrase they’d taught kids in a vacation bible…

“There are only two choices on the shelf – pleasing God or pleasing self.”

I just cannot get this out of my brain this week! (Maybe that’s a good thing.)

I know for sure that I overanalyze things.  And at first hearing I definitely agreed with the phrase.  I even wrote in my journal some time ago, “I think I’m learning slowly that, in general, God is not glorified by me getting what I want.”

But then I started wondering if pleasing God and pleasing self are in fact mutually exclusive.  Can I ever get to the point that I am so submitted to God’s will in my life that pleasing God and pleasing self are one in the same?

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “this is stuck in my brain

  1. It seems reasonable that if you say to the Lord “not my will but yours be done,” then you have surrendered your will and His will becomes yours.

  2. PS have missed you in ABF. Having some excellent discussion from Proverbs! This past week was proverbs about disciplining children.

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