TTAH Tuesday – steppin’ out (or in)

OK, I’m going to seriously deviate from my usual tips that involve food, and instead give you a tip about exercising.  (Hey, it is Valentine’s Day this weekend… and we need a way to work off all the chocolate, right??)

If you want to exercise, but have a hard time fitting it in with all your other responsibilities, and the outrageous YMCA membership prices are too high, then this tip is for you.

I have found the perfect exercise video that your kids can actually do WITH you. 

Someone gave me a Leslie Sansone “Walk at Home” DVD last year and I love it.  So do the kids.  The result?  I can get some exercise in, they can get some exercise, and I don’t have to worry about them beating each other up in the other room while I get a workout.  Bonus.

Here’s a link to the website:

There are a whole bunch of DVDs available – at all different levels so if you’re a couch potato and walking to the mailbox gets you sweating there’s one for you.  And if you are used to exercising, but just need something indoors for these gray winter days, there’s more difficult ones for you.  I’ve seen them sold at all the local stores – WalMart, Target, and K-Mart. 

Another tip – I just saw a bunch of the DVDs for $5 each in a sale bin at K-Mart this morning!  That’s a great deal!

Have a happy Tuesday!


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