the day has come

Let me start off by explaining… I don’t like feet.  I don’t hate them, really, but I don’t relish the thought of looking at or being anywhere near someone else’s feet.

That is, with the exception of my children.  All of them have just had the sweetest little feet.  I could kiss them all day… toe fuzz and all.  My son had the sweatiest, stinkiest feet as a baby – but I still thought they were cute.

But all good things come to an end, don’t they?  I wondered when this day would come.  Now I know.

Being a good mom, I regularly clip my kids’ fingernails and toenails.  Last week I did my daughter’s feet – she’s 7 – and it grossed me out a little bit.  Her feet were clean (she had just gotten out of the shower), but for some reason I didn’t think they were cute and sweet anymore.

They were feet.

So now I know.  And for any of you who ever wondered when the “cute baby feet” syndrome wears off… now you know.  Age 7.

Enjoy your newfound knowledge.

2 thoughts on “the day has come

  1. even cute-ish feet are disgusting.

    my mother? loves feet. she, in some delusional state, decided that it was highly affectionate of her to put her feet on people. it makes me want to leap screaming from my own skin. so, so, so gross, gross, gross.

    then again, it might not be delusion…it might just be flat out manipulation and an attempt at being controlling.

    both options sound like her, so who knows?

  2. yea, i’m with ya guys on feet are yucky. i never really thought about the fact that i was willing to touch my babies feet; i don’t touch nobody’s footsies…now i know i’ll only do it for another 5 years! well i guess longer than that…gotta count malacai too.

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