If only…

We’d sit in lawn chairs

under a shade tree.

One that he planted

and tended.

He’d reach one hand out, take mine,

and he’d ask

“How are you, love?”

My Dad always called me that.

He’d tell me how his garden was doing.

And about his dog, Max.

Maybe we’d hull and

cut up some strawberries.

And maybe we’d

eat them together.

He’d ask me how my

car was doing.

I’ve been through

a couple of cars since he’s been gone.

But he’d know.

I’d tell him about

my kids.

The ones he’s not met in person


How Lyndsay is

such a smart girl,

bright and strong.

“A lot like you”,

he’d probably say.

How Derek is

a sensitive, sweet, smart, and

athletic young boy.

How much fun they’d have

watching trains together.

How Allison is

such a cutie pie.

How she’s got everyone

wrapped around her finger.

And how she loves to ham it up.

He’d tell me to

take care of my mom.

To love Dave.

To wipe all the snow

off my car before


He’d tell me all about

my baby –

the one with him in heaven.


I’d thank him for all he did for me.

For loving my mom.

For loving me.

For loving God.

For being the best Dad in the world.

I’d tell him

how much I miss him.

And how I can’t wait

to see him again.

And to join him for the party in heaven.

4 thoughts on “If only…

  1. Thanks for the real words Steph. It reminds me that the real party begins in Heaven and no matter what “His love never ends, his mercies never cease, all are new each morning.” Blessing to you……

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