TTAH Tuesday – Free Magazines at the Library!

I’m cheap (well, I prefer the word frugal).  However you say it, I’m always on the lookout for a good deal.

As much as I like to read (magazines included), I do not like to pay for magazine subscriptions.  After I stopped working, this was one of the things I vowed to myself never to do again – it seemed like a pretty frivolous expense (of course, no offense intended to those of you who do it!). 

Recently I discovered that my local library has a bin of used magazines in the entryway (near the drinking fountain, for any of my IRL friends).  The idea is that instead of pitching a magazine after you’ve read it, people can drop it off in the bin and let others read it.  Totally Awesome, I say!

They have quite a variety of magazines – I’ve seen everything from Newsweek to Good Housekeeping to hunting magazines.  Yesterday I picked up a copy of Marriage Partnership which I’m really enjoying.  I usually read the magazine(s) I take, then return it afterwards for someone else to enjoy. 

So next time you’re at the library stop in the lobby quickly and take a look in the bin.   You know, you can do it whilst carrying a baby and trying to corral your older children.  And taking their mittens and hats off and on.  And helping one of them get a drink at the fountain.  And carrying all the books.  Because we’re supermoms and we can do anything, right?


One thought on “TTAH Tuesday – Free Magazines at the Library!

  1. my mom just told me about this…so neat! we don’t get to library a lot though. usually mike is the one that goes after work…without having to struggle with 2 boys.

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