What else??

Yesterday morning began with a bang.  Or rather with a slosh.

I went downstairs in the basement to throw a pair of wet snowpants in the dryer, and a few steps into the basement I heard my feet sloshing.  Mind you, we have carpeting in the basement.  Not good.

Sunday evening my husband had unplugged the humidifier that is attached to the furnace.  We’d been getting some condensation on the windows so we figured we didn’t really need the humidification.  This is the first time we’ve ever had a humidifier, so what did we know?

As it turns out, if you want to turn off the humidifier, you’d better also turn off the water going to it, because if you don’t, you end up with a very wet and soggy problem.

To top it off, all of our Christmas presents were conveniently hidden on the floor right next to the furnace.  Yep, the presents.  All of them.  About a third of them already wrapped. 

Nothing got ruined, but it’s obvious by the warped packaging that they’ve gotten wet.  Which leads us to a very serious problem.  What do you tell the children who are supposed to be getting these very soggy presents from Santa?  The same kids who also know we had flooding in the basement and heard mom tell Dad’s work voicemail in a panic that the presents were all wet?   Hmmm.  I tell you, I’ve been working up every angle in my mind.  Could I tell them that Santa dropped them in the snow and they got wet, just like the ones from mom and dad that got wet in the basement?  Will my seven-year old believe that??? 

So I’ve got to come up with something.  And I’ve got more wrapping to do.

OK.  Then on to the next thing.

This morning, my 5-year old and 1-year old were playing.  Then they got quiet.  You know the quiet.  The quiet that once you realize it, strikes terror in your heart. 

My 5-year old was giving the one-year old a haircut.  With nose-hair scissors.  Yes, they are sharp enough.  Smart mommy hides the real scissors.  I’d never expected that these would be used for misbehavior.  (You can’t get anything past the little buzzards, really.)  The upside of all this?  The little one has so much hair already that you can’t really tell that some is missing.


after a particularly rotten last 24 hours, I had to run an errand, so I thought I’d take the kids through a drive-thru for lunch.  And I told them so.  They were excited.  So we all got in the car.  I scraped the windshield and then proceeded to break the windshield wiper.  AWESOME.  So ensued a good half hour of whining and crying.

I’m sure someday I’ll look back and laugh at this.  But I’m not laughing now.  I’m just wondering what else is going to go wrong!

2 thoughts on “What else??

  1. That is just awful. It must be the time of year for windshield wiper failure. One of mine fell off…just up and fell off…in Batavia two weeks ago, and then driving back from Erie, the whole wiper mechanism stopped working. In a rainstorm.

    Good luck with the Santa thing. Maybe he could bring them just a stocking? We don’t really do gifts from Santa, so I have no good ideas. Other than to not do gifts from Santa.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. this comment is a bit late, but i took a long holiday break from blog reading & writing. now i’m playing catch-up. sounds like a pretty rough 24 hours. i can’t believe the haircut with nose-hair scissors! and my windshield wipers also recently broke…what is going on??!

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