TTAH Tuesday – Join BJ’s

Hi everyone! 

I’m going to keep this tip short because I’m (literally) up to my elbows in baking. 

My tip for you this week – join BJ’s.  I have shopped there for years and have definitely saved money because of it.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I shop three different places for groceries.  At Aldi’s, I get the basic stuff (milk, eggs, cheese) because it’s the cheapest there.  Then I shop at BJ’s for stuff that we want for which we are particular about the brand (i.e., Jif peanut butter – I can’t stand anything else).  And for meat – it is usually cheaper than anywhere else.  Then I go to Tops for the rest. 

When I quit working, I was amazed that I cut our monthly grocery bill by at least 30% by shopping this way.  Sure it takes longer, but it’s worth it. 

And this time of year, they also have toys and other gifts cheaper than I’ve seen at other local stores.  Not to mention Christmas candy – bigger bags but way cheaper. 

So try BJ’s out – you can usually get a coupon for a free trial period to see if you like it.  Enjoy!

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