Remember When…

Christmas decorating was actually fun??

I’ve always loved the Christmas season – filled with cookie-making, shopping for the perfect gift, awesome music, decorating, and I love, love, love when the ground & trees are covered with a blanket of snow and flakes are softly falling…

ok, back to reality…

I still look forward to decorating every year.  But I could do with a little less of this:

L:  “He picked the nativity scene?  I wanted to do it!”  (picture crossed arms, pouty lips, complete with a major whine)

Me:  “Well, why don’t we each do a couple of pieces.”

D and L:  “I want… I want… She can’t have… Why does he always get to… She hit me…”  (and on and on)

Me:  “OK, let’s put up the stockings now.”

L:  “I want mine to be next to A’s.”

D:  “No, I want mine to be next to A’s.  But not next to L’s.”

Me:  “OK, we’ll put A in between the two of you.”  (this appeased them for about 2 seconds, until they realized this meant that they wouldn’t each get their favorite stocking holder, because Mom wants the stocking holders in a particular order – I can be picky, too.)

A:  “uh, uh, uh”  (that means give me that or I’ll scream)

Dad:  snoring on the couch

D:  “Can I go get something else out of the box?”  (I’d told them that they could get one thing at a time and take turns… I thought it would cut down on the bickering.  Ha.)

L:  “No, it’s my turn… you just got something.”  (Who said less bickering??)

And a few minutes later…

L:  “Mom, D dumped out my decoration and he’s not putting his boxes away.  D, you better put your boxes back.”  (Thank you, my firstborn bossypants tattler.)

And me, by the end of the day:  Ahhh, where is that wine?

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