TTAH Tuesday – Shopping Date

One of our traditions is to take a day in December, just my hubby and I, to do our Christmas shopping.  We get a babysitter (usually one of the grandmas) and we spend the whole day – just the two of us – together. 

It’s like a day-long date.  Almost like playing hooky (although I assure you, Dave legitimately takes a vacation day).  We shop, we talk, we eat lunch out together.  It’s great. 

There’s something special about having lunch together for us – because, I think, it only happens once a year!  It’s fun and refreshing.  And I like shopping together because then he can help me pick out presents for the kids – it doesn’t all fall on me.

So if it’s possible for you / your husband to take a day off to go shopping, go ahead and do it.  You just might make it a tradition!


2 thoughts on “TTAH Tuesday – Shopping Date

  1. My husband shops like he’s at the lumber yard. Going on a date to go shopping like a woman might just damage him permanently. If I had a different flavour husband, this would be lovely.

  2. Although we haven’t started our shopping at all yet, Sean and I have done a lot of online shopping in the past. We love to store hop and find the best deals. I love your idea though:)

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