TTAH Tuesday – Try Something New

A few weeks ago I tried something new.  I made REAL jam.  Not the easy freezer jam, but real jam. 

I had always been intimidated by the thought of all that is involved.  The directions on the Sure-Jell make it sound so difficult!

But I had a lot of blackberries from our backyard, as well as a whole bunch of pears that a friend gave me.  And I was determined to make good use of them.

My mom gave me some tips – she is a pro – and the tips made the whole process much simpler.  And I did it!  I made some delicious blackberry jam and peach jam. 

The point of this story is that trying something new can give you a great sense of accomplishment, confidence in your own abilities, and self-worth.  As moms, sometimes we get lost in the maze of household tasks that are so repetitious – changing diapers, doing laundry, cleaning the countertop, washing the dishes, mopping the floor.  Things that are repeated over and over again – sometimes several times a day!  We get into a rut and sometimes it’s hard to get out.  We feel overwhelmed.  We don’t try anything new because we feel like we hardly have time to get the basics done. 

But I encourage you to take a deep breath, set aside some of those daily routines, and try something new.

Trying something new gets you out of that rut.  It helps you feel like you actually got something done.  It opens your mind to the possibilities of what you can accomplish!  I think what it can do for your soul is amazing. 

For me, I know I can often lack confidence in my own mothering ability.  I second-guess my decisions and it’s easy to start feeling like I’m not doing anything right.  Trying something new and succeeding at it goes a long way toward counteracting those feelings. 

So try something new at home this week.  Try something you’ve always wanted to do but you keep putting it off.  (And if you want some tips on making jam, call me!)  Then come back and share your success story!


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