TTAH Tuesday – Fall Fun

I know this one isn’t really to “try at home”, but for those of you who live near me, I suggest it anyways!

What’s better in the fall than picking out your pumpkins, tasting some cider, and chowing down on some homemade donuts??

At this place, you can do all this AND your kids can feed goats, have a pony ride, play on haystacks, see a pig race, play on a couple of playgrounds, and bounce in a bouncy house.  What fun!

(not to mention the fact that you can taste-test some great Niagara wine, if you’re inclined to)

Last year when we went, they even had a live band playing outside.  Our kids really enjoyed themselves.

If you have a free Saturday coming up, try it out!


2 thoughts on “TTAH Tuesday – Fall Fun

  1. intensesimplicity

    Nathan’s kindergarten class went to Brown’s Berry Patch yesterday. I jumped on the “bouncing pillow” HUGE!!!! It was a lot of fun.

  2. Are you guys going to the Porter Farm Festival Sunday? Also super fun…and exclusive! It’s members only, woo hoo! There are lots of fun things planned. And the food? Spectacular!

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