The Cold, Hard Truth

A couple of weeks ago my childhood friend, Melanie, came over to visit.  It’s great to see her and we should definitely do it more often!! 

Anyways, she made a comment to me (I’m paraphrasing) about how I’m the kind of parent she thought I’d be – no yelling or anything. 

I almost laughed because it’s so not true!  Hmmm.  What she saw is the kind of parent I am when other people are around and the kind of parent I wish I was all the time.  But the cold, hard truth is that I do my fair share of yelling.  So just to make sure everyone knows I’m keeping it real, I’ll share with you a little conversation that occurred at my house maybe a month or so ago.

Lyndsay was yelling and bossing Derek around and I thought I’d reason with her to get her to stop behaving that way:

Me: Lyndsay, you know when you grow up you won’t be able to yell at people all the time.

Derek:  Why not, Mom?  You do.

So now you know.


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