TTAH Tuesday – Coffee Break


That is a word that I’ve been thinking all summer.  Well, maybe I haven’t been thinking about the word, exactly, but at least the idea.  I’ve often been thinking about how I can get away.  For instance…

The kids are fighting.  Again.  *ESCAPE*

I just washed the window on the screen door yesterday and now it’s got sunscreen handprints on it.  *ESCAPE*

Another dirty diaper.  *ESCAPE*

Another load of laundry.  *ESCAPE*

Serving a nice, healthy dinner amidst complaints.  *ESCAPE*

In fact, I feel a little bit guilty about the way I’ve been feeling.  I have been blessed, so why do I feel like I need to get away sometimes?  My answer is that I can only take so much of the demands of little people and life.  I need a little break every once in a while.  I need to feel as if I’m not someone’s maid, teacher, chef, etc., if only for a few minutes.  I need some quiet.

So I’ve started to have a “coffee break”.  A friend of mine calls it “happy hour”.  Whatever you call it, I suggest you do it.  Get a snack or drink for yourself.  Get your kids situated with something to keep them busy for 15 minutes.  Instruct them that they need to… ok, I’ll be blunt about it… leave you alone for a little while.  No asking for anything, no arguing, no interrupting mom.  For 15 minutes.  Go sit somewhere quiet.  Lock yourself in, if need be.

Depending on your kids, this may or may not be difficult for them.  At first it was for mine, but after a few times they got the idea. 

It’s my escape.  It allows me to experience some quiet.  I can use the time as I choose – to read something, or just to sit and think.  Believe me, it’s time well-spent.  When I don’t do it, I find myself “escaping” in negative ways – becoming overwhelmed, frustrated, and sometimes even emotionally detaching from my kids.  So I figure, a break is good for me AND for them.

So give yourself a coffee break.  You need it, mom.


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