TTAH Tuesday – A Running Gift List

I have trouble remembering things these days.  Or maybe I just have trouble listening.  Whatever.

Inevitably, the kids would tell me they want something at the store, and with 6 months to go until Christmas or birthday, I would forget it.  So I started keeping a running gift list.

Everyone knows about the list and where it is kept.  Even my husband – at least he did, but I may have to remind him.  But the idea is that I won’t forget some of the things the kids (or Dave) want when their birthdays or Christmas rolls around.  When grandparents ask what the kids want, I’m already prepared.  And when we’re at the store and I get the “mom, I want _____”, I just tell them… I’ll put it on your list.

Now this is the best part.  I also have a list for me.  This is perfect for my husband (and me) because he doesn’t have to guess what I want, and I get something I want or need.  This may sound unromantic to those of you who want your husband to pick something out for you himself.  But I’ll take practical over romantic any day of the week.

So try this at your house and let me know if it works!


2 thoughts on “TTAH Tuesday – A Running Gift List

  1. Heather

    I like this idea. Last year, I had all my Christmas shopping done in Sept. However, when all the commericials rolled around in Nov. showing off all the GREAT toys and Paige changed her mind about what she “wanted”, I was stuck. I like the idea of putting things on list. However, what do you sayd if they don’t get it or their mind changes and it is to late to get those things??? I am also practical and will begin, TODAY, to put things I could use/need on a list for my husband. That way when he does ask, I will be prepared! Thanks for the tip.

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