In Between

We have been making weekly trips to the library.  My seven-year-old has been quite the reader this summer.  She has already read three books in the Little House series this summer and she’s working on the fourth.  Each of the past two she’s read in a week’s time (before the next trip to the library).  I’m really proud of her. 

Two weeks ago, her two book choices were “Little House on the Prairie” and a Sesame Street picture book called “No Cookies”.  Interesting choices, I thought. 

My girl is in between.  In between board books and chapter books.  In between wanting mom to hold her and wanting to sit in her own space.  In between Chutes and Ladders and Monopoly.  In between needing my help and resenting my help.  In between Clifford and High School Musical.  In between mom picking out her clothes and picking her clothes out herself. 

In between little-girl and big-girl.  She goes back and forth as if on a teeter-totter. 

It’s a scary place to be – for me, that is.  I feel like we’re on a mountain-top, looking out over the rest of the world and the future.  So far I’ve been able to shelter her (appropriately, I think) from the ugly stuff.  I think it won’t be like this for much longer.  As she takes grows up, she’ll be venturing further and further from us.

My prayer is that I’ve laid the groundwork for what she needs to know as she steps out into the world.  That she knows that God loves her and that her Dad and I love her.  That even if she ventures further from us, she’ll always be in the hands of our loving God.

One thought on “In Between

  1. Stephanie,
    How I can relate to this post- what a wise mother you are to recognize this stage in your daughter’s life. It seems that as I have watched my daughters grow into adulthood – there were many times when they were “in between”. Even now, they are in stages of being “in between” jobs, college semesters and upcoming decisions for the future. Being “in between, requires them (and us) to have faith. Aren’t you thankful for a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever?
    On a side note, my oldest daughter loved The Little House Series. We even traveled to Desmitt, South Dakota to visit the homestead…

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