The Five Natural Laws of Toddler Physics

I’ve been researching and experimenting in this area for seven years now.  In some circles that would have at least earned me a Ph.D., right?

Here goes…

  1. Stairs are for climbing.  Over and over again.  Sometimes making mom drop what she’s doing and run.  Hmmm… this is fun.
  2. Buttons are for pushing.  Any buttons will do… TV, VCR, radio, whatever.  I love to see what happens.  More interesting than the actual device is what happens to my brother and sister when they’re watching something and I turn it off.  Hmmm… this is fun.  At this point, we’re just talking about actual buttons.  But just wait, I’m learning real fast about the emotional buttons of the people in my family! 
  3. Drawers, cabinets, and shelves are for emptying.  Who cares about being organized?  Hmmm… this is fun.
  4. Food is mostly for playing, but sometimes for eating.  Dropping, dumping, mushing, and smearing.  Hmmm… this is fun.
  5. I will do amazing things, but only when no one is around, and NEVER when you ask me to.  Hmmm… this is fun.

OK fellow Moms and Dads, feel free to comment with your own!


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