TTAH Tuesday – No funny names, please

OK, it starts as a funny little game for the kids.  Why not name the Ken doll we got from Grandma’s old stash of toys a funny name?  First off, he’s headless.  So he first got named “Headless Ken”.  He also had a musty smell from Grandma’s basement, so then he got dubbed “Stinky Ken”.  The clothes he came with were stinky, so they got thrown away.  Then he got named “Naked Ken”.  No harm there, right?

Fast forward to now.  We have a pool at our new house, and Derek decides he wants to take “Naked Ken” swimming with him.  Sure, why not?

Do your kids ever shorten names to make them funnier, or maybe because they just don’t feel like saying the whole thing?  “Naked Ken” became just plain old “Naked”.

Everything’s fine and dandy until my dear son yells in the pool Sunday afternoon “MOM – can you go get Naked for me??”

Yes, at the top of his lungs.  Lucky me, our NEW neighbors on BOTH sides were out in their pools.  Did they hear or didn’t they – that is the question.  Nothing like making a good first impression.

So my tip for today… no funny names, please.  You never know when it might come back to haunt you.


3 thoughts on “TTAH Tuesday – No funny names, please

  1. pameladayton

    “Oh dear. We thought that new family next door had such potential. Unfortunately it seems that the mom is still breastfeeding her teenager. And they don’t even look like hippies. *shakes head* You never can tell with people these days.”

  2. Shalyn

    Oh. You are not a true mom until you have lived through one of those lovely experiences. It could have much worse and much more public. No doubt you have lived through one of those too. Priceless!

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