I’m here… really I am!

We have moved.  And we are loving our new home.  It’s hard to believe our long search is over and that we’re actually here!

It has been a crazy two weeks… and now I’m back on the computer.  We had a mix-up with verizon – can’t get DSL here, so now we’re on roadrunner.  That’s one of the reasons why it’s been so long since I’ve been on-line!

I think I’ve exhausted myself nearly every day moving stuff around the house – unpacking boxes and trying to decide where everything should go.  Then changing my mind and moving it somewhere else!  It’s been tiring but fun.

The kids haven’t nearly stopped moving (except when they’re sleeping) since we moved in.  Riding bikes in the driveway, picking raspberries, helping me weed, decorating their rooms, unpacking a bit, playing on the playset, swimming in the pool.  We’ve had a campfire and we’ve seen fireflies.  We love this place! 

We have a huge screened-in porch that looks out into the backyard – it’s perfect for sitting and winding down after the kids go to bed.  And it’ll be perfect for entertaining – look forward to it, my friends!!

Anyways, that’s just a bit of an update.  I’m here and “still kickin’ ” as my dad used to say.  Have a great week!

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