TTAH Tuesday – “Meet me in the bathroom”

Do you have a child that you struggle to discipline?  One that pushes all your buttons?  Do you feel like discipline escalates into a battle?  Do you have a hard time controlling your own anger?

If so, then this tip is for you.  I learned this at a MOPS convention from speaker and author Lisa Whelchel

I guess I should state the obvious… to begin with, you should have set rules and expectations for behavior that your child has been told and understands.  Then when your child misbehaves, use this technique.  Simply tell them to “meet you in the bathroom.”  The location could actually be anywhere, but it needs to be a place that isn’t any fun.   

With my oldest daughter, I was finding that misbehavior and discipline were becoming battles.  Battles of ever-increasing volume, anger,  and bad behavior (in all honesty, from both of us).  I started to use this technique and it was a huge help.  First off, it allowed us both time to cool off.  For her, I use it not as a time-out (we don’t even call it that) but instead a time to think about what just happened and calm down. 

I use the time to:  calm down (discussion, and discipline, should not happen when I’m angry).  I pray, asking God to give me wisdom about how to constructively deal with the situation.  I make sure that she has calmed down as well – no discussion will take place until she has stopped any yelling, whining, etc.  Then, I go to her and ask some questions…  What did you do that was wrong?  Why was it wrong?  How can you do better next time?

This usually leads to a good conversation and then possibly further discipline if necessary.  But it is always better than dealing with misbehavior on the spur-of-the-moment when tempers are flaring. 

Try this at home and let me know if it works for you, too!!


One thought on “TTAH Tuesday – “Meet me in the bathroom”

  1. pameladayton

    Re: the weird phone conversation with a friend…not my diabetic friend. My blonde friend. Hope the tart was yummy. I have to wait until after Sunday dinner for ours. Hope your Sunday is restful.

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