For those of you who haven’t driven by our house lately… it’s SOLD!

I am so bummed.  I took a photo of our SOLD sign so I could put it in this post… but for some reason I can’t get it from the camera to the computer.  That’s why it’s taken me sooo long to write this post.  Grrr.  If I wasn’t a past Kodak employee I might have some choice things to say about this digital camera.  But I’m getting off track…

Anyways, we are thrilled to be moving to what amounts to our dream house.  We love the house we are buying and can’t wait to move in.  And it will be soon.  Maybe by next weekend.  We’ve started packing, but slowly.  I better kick it into high gear!!

Gotta go pack!

3 thoughts on “SOLD…

  1. Hooray! (That is for the selling.)

    Blech! (That is for the packing and unpacking.)

    Praying that it will go very smooth. That it will go smoothly? Also praying I regain a grasp on grammar.

  2. Thanks, ladies! And yes, packing with three kids is proving to be quite the challenge. Inevitably once something is in a box, one of the little people decides they need it. Even if they haven’t needed it in months. Or more accurately, they neeeed it noooow. (A little cheese with that whine??)

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