TTAH Tuesday – Find a Home

This past Sunday sitting in church it occurred to me that my church is home to me.  Well, ok, it’s second behind my actual real-life own home.

It’s a place where I feel completely at home with God.  I worship there.  I connect with other people there.  It’s a place where I can be sure that when someone asks me how I am they really want to know the answer.  My kids learn about God there – in a way that is meaningful and exciting to them.  It’s a place where I am challenged to become more like Christ – and I am held accountable.  I know if I need help – physical or spiritual – I can find it there.  There are people there who love me and my family – and who have shown that love countless times by providing meals, help, and prayers.

Now I know that church is not about serving me – it’s not about finding the place that does the most for me.  In fact, at it’s best a church should be a place where I can find opportunities to do God’s work.  But in real life, it’s also a place where I can learn and grow as well, in community with others who believe in Christ like I do.

So my tip for today for those of you who don’t have a church home, or don’t feel “at home” at your church… find a home.  If your church doesn’t teach the Bible in way that you understand, find one that does.  If your church doesn’t have a children’s program that kids love, find one that does.  If you don’t walk in the doors and find people there who know and love you, find a place where you can. 

There are plenty of great Bible-teaching churches out there… so if you don’t walk in the doors of your church and feel at home, find a church where you can.


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