TTAH Tuesday – Words of Affirmation

Our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) at church (that’s code for Sunday School Class), we are doing a study called “Building Your Marriage”.

This past Sunday we were asked to go around the room and tell everyone one thing we loved or appreciated about our spouse.  At first I thought it was kind of corny.  But by the time we got around the room I was nearly in tears.  Imagine 15 or so couples honestly saying what they love about their spouses.  It was lovely.  I heard words like support, dedication, dependable, commitment, passion, love, and fun.  These are things that lasting marriages are made of.

Dave wasn’t even there, but it still felt great to tell everyone what I love about him.

So my tip for today is to tell your spouse what you love about them.  Maybe you can even slip it in when you’re around some other people.  Do it without expecting any kind of response.  I think it does wonders for your relationship to be vulnerable and honest with one another and to build one another up with your words. 

Take this step to make your marriage stronger and try this at home today!  Let me know how your spouse responds!

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