I will never…

This post could also be titled “stupid things I said before I actually knew what I was talking about.”

Since it’s still close to Mother’s Day, I thought I’d reflect upon some of the things I expected of myself and my mothering BEFORE I became a mom.  Really, I had such high expectations.  Unfortunately, I also had no clue.  So here goes…

I remember believing that I would never…

  • take my kids out in public with runny noses or food on their faces.
  • let my kids leave the house in their PJs. 
  • let my kids watch more than 1 hour of TV a day.
  • scream at my kids like a crazy woman.
  • let my kids manipulate me into buying them candy.
  • let my kids have candy right before dinner. 
  • bribe my kids with candy.
  • let my kids have a temper tantrum in public (or bribe them to stop).

I really knew nothing about being a parent before my tiny first baby came into my life.  It’s easy to say what you’d do in a particular situation when it’s never happened to you!  But the fact is, mothering is way harder than I ever thought.  If you guessed that all of the items on the list above actually have happened, you’d be right.

I still have a few expectations for the future of my kids and my parenting.  I think I’ve learned, however, to expect that in a lot of ways these expectations are going to change as we go.  I’ll have more information then.  I’ll have more perspective.  I’ll have a better sense of what really matters at that point in my kids’ lives.  

So here are a few of my current expectations (notice how I’ve rephrased them…)

I don’t think I will –

  • get my kids cell phones.
  • let them have a TV in their bedrooms.
  • let them date until they’re 16.

Check back with me in 10 years and see how we’re doing!  Who knows, I might add these to the “stupid things I said when I didn’t have a clue” list.

What’s on your list??

(Oh, and by the way, I sincerely apologize to anyone – mostly my sisters – if I ever uttered in their presence one of my “I never”s in a slightly condescending manner in my pre-kid days.  Live and learn, you know??)



One thought on “I will never…

  1. I am so with you on all of that. Every. Last. Point. I did my Mother’s Day post Monday, and I went the “I didn’t know that…” route.

    Who knew all that stuff about mothering? I’m sure somebody had to have known. Did they just not tell us because it was so natural to them? Or was it because we weren’t ready to/able to/interested in listening?

    Good one.

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