Happy Mother’s Day!

There’s nothing more beautiful than the sight, and the smell, of your baby sleeping.  You know I’m right, don’t ya, moms?  Their sweet, peaceful little faces, and the smell of them.  Don’t your babies smell the best? 

I’ve had a week now of Ally in the full throes of teething… and in the middle of the night after I’ve rocked her back to sleep I get to enjoy the sight and smell of her.  I am blessed.

This is what I want to remember this mother’s day.  How about you?  What do you want to remember?


One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. The cute little things they say and do. This morning Anthony asked me, “When are you all done being a kid?” I wondered why he asked, he said “I want to be all done real quick.” About a week ago I walked around the block with Nathan while he road his bike. Suddenly he stopped and jumped off the bike saying, “Look mom!” It was the first perfect dandelion puff he had spotted this spring.

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