TTAH Tuesday – Getting it Done

Overwhelmed with housework?  Looking for a better way?

Here’s what works for me.  I started doing this when I was a working mom, and it was a lifesaver.  It still works well for me as a stay-at-home-mom. 

I had felt like I could never keep up with the housework.  Things piled up, and then I’d feel more and more overwhelmed.  I lived in fear of anyone dropping by, and when we planned to have company I worked like a crazy woman for days to get things looking in order.  So this is what I did:

  1. I took a good look at my priorities and made sure they were in order.  God, family, friends.
  2. I analyzed my expectations.  I realized I was expecting to have my house as clean as I did before kids.  You know, the days when I cleaned EVERYTHING once a week whether it needed it or not.  And as most of you know, post-kids, this is just not realistic.  I also realized I needed to stop comparing myself to other moms.  Enough said. 
  3. I made a list of what I wanted to get done every week.  (I asked myself, If someone dropped by, what would I want to make sure had been cleaned within the past week? and What is important for our health/hygiene to get done weekly?)  My list is the following:  bathrooms cleaned, kitchen cleaned, living room dusted, vacuum & mop floors, laundry.  Your list might look different than mine… the beauty of it is that you decide!
  4. Then I assigned one item to each day of the week.  I felt much less overwhelmed when I knew that I only had one cleaning item to fit in every day, and over the course of the week, all the important stuff would get done.
  5. This can be expanded to identify the things you want done every month, once a year, etc.  Just assign that item to a certain week of the month, or month of the year!

I’ve been doing my housework this way for several years.  I’m pretty flexible, if I skip one day, I just fit it into my week somewhere else.  It’s a no fuss way to manage the housework.  Obviously there’s a bunch of other stuff that isn’t on my weekly list that needs to get done, and I’ll do that when I have extra time, when it desperately needs it, or the age-old excuse of company coming over motivates me!

Try this at home and let me know if it works for you!


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