I read this recently in a devotional…

“…to a life given up to self-indulgence, there is only one end – destruction.” (F.B. Meyer)

Self-indulgence leading to destruction… I can name a whole bunch of examples of this in people I know.  That’s the easy part. 

But looking in the mirror is harder.  However, when I really look, I can name a whole bunch of examples in my own life.  Here’s a few I’m struggling with right now:

  • Eating too much = destruction of my health.
  • Allowing the anger I feel sometimes to overflow into what comes out of my mouth = destruction of my relationships with those I love.
  • Wasting my time on things that are not significant = destruction of the plans God might have for me to do His work.

I have been lacking in self-control in these areas lately.  I think one of my problems is that the destruction isn’t evident right away.  I think I can “get away with it”.  But it’s not true.

So this week I’m working on applying some advice from Paul in Galatians 5.  Verse 16 “…Live by following the Spirit.”  and verses 22 and 23 because, “…the Spirit produces the fruit of … self-control.”

Are there any areas in your life in which you need to re-commit to following the Holy Spirit’s leading?


One thought on “Destruction

  1. Steph,

    I think you have some great insights. Thanks for making mre look in the mirror and think. I to have a difficult time with anger and how I deal with it. I need to bit my tongue, count to ten, something better than my usual way of yelling! Glad to hear your good news about the more reliable car and hope the for sale becomes SOLD!!! I will keep you in my prayers. Keep posting great thoughts—-they really do help! Heather

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