Busy, Busy, Busy…

Wow, there is a lot happening around here.

First off, the for-sale sign is up!  It came (almost) straight from our friend’s now-sold house to ours…

Second, Dave finally got a new car!  We went on Saturday to buy it, and we’ll be picking it up Thursday evening.  Yay!  I’ve been concerned about him traveling so much in his “old” car when it needs so much work.  (Hey, anyone know a teenager interested in a cheap car that still runs??)

And third, I’m gearing up for our MOPS meeting tomorrow night.  The day before (and day of) the meeting is always busy.

The busyness is ok.  It’s all exciting stuff, and stuff that is important.  The downside to busyness is that the most significant stuff – the stuff that will really matter in the future like time with our kids- can easily get postponed and forgotten about.  I was guilty of this last week. 

But with the weather so great this weekend, we did get to the playground a few times and even took a family bike ride.  My prayer is that I always remember that my kids will remember a mom and dad who took time for them – not that our house was clean, or what kind of house we had, or what kind of work we did.  I pray that I focus on what is eternally significant rather than what is of earthly importance.

How do you find balance between the “important” and the “significant”?



One thought on “Busy, Busy, Busy…

  1. intensesimplicity

    Most of the time I focus on the “have to” kind of work like laundry, groceries, cooking. I try not to obsess too much over the extras that I could skip. Occasionally I use a special occasion to be my imaginary deadline to get some extras done. (Like this weekend for the Progressive Dinner) How does that verse go… there is a time for everything, a time for this, a time for that… Is it in Ecclesiastes?

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