TTAH Tuesday #1

Drumroll, please…

For the first “Try-This-At-Home Tuesday”, I have two words for you.  And ladies, this one is for you.  (Yep, Men, you may want to move on…)

Schick Intuition.

I got one of these handy razors a few months ago **free** at BJ’s.  (Another good reason to get a membership there, but that’s a tip for another Tuesday.)  This thing is so cool.  It has the soap right on the shaver so you don’t have to soap your legs first!  I absolutely love it.

I’m warning you, though, this is not a money saving tip.  The soap will run out before the razor is dull.  But, since I don’t spend much on myself in other ways (hair, nails, etc.), I figure I’ll splurge for this.  I hate shaving, but this makes it so easy that I might actually step it up to more than once a week.

Yes, that sound you all hear is both my husband cheering and any men that might have ignored my previous warning gagging and yelling “too much information”!

Anyways, you might want to try this at home.  Your husbands might thank you for it.



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