Aaahhhh, it’s done!

Our taxes are done and (almost) in the mail.  We have never filed them so late before.  We are usually almost fanatical about getting them done by the end of February (why let the government hang on to our money any longer than necessary?)

But for some reason this year we’ve procrastinated.  I actually feel like I’m doing something wrong by filing on April 14th!  Nevermind the fact that probably zillions of people wait until the last possible moment.  It was just never ME before!

I actually plugged in the numbers a few weeks ago – and I’ve been waiting for Dave to e-file.  That’s our usual system.  We both like to have a part in it and it’s a good way to double-check our figures.  However, we had a glitch in the e-filing last night and so we are ending up just filing the old-fashioned way, by snail mail. 

But they’re done.  And I’m relieved.  Now I can enjoy “Spring Break”!

Enjoy yours, too!


One thought on “Aaahhhh, it’s done!

  1. Melissa

    This made me think of a story my friend told me today; she was in clinical on Tuesday, and her patient was filing her taxes while in the hospital. What made the story so interesting was that my friend’s doing her OB rotation, and her patient was in labor!

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