One a day…

In preparation for putting our house back up for sale, I’ve made a deal with myself.  “I” offered that “I” would do one project each day that is above and beyond my usual tasks.  Because I am pretty busy with those said usual tasks – you know, cooking, cleaning, laundry, making sure no one gets badly injured, changing a diaper (or five or six), dropping off and picking up from school, etc., I was glad when “I” offered to work on the items on my get-the-house-ready-for-sale list.  So I accepted.  Here’s an example of what “I” have accomplished so far:

  • rearrange some items to make our space look bigger
  • continue to go through our “stuff” and get rid of anything we don’t need anymore
  • wash walls
  • rake the yard
  • redo some wallpaper border in spots that were peeling
  • fix a cabinet door – this involved gluing AND hammering – “I” was pretty proud

You get the idea.  It’s been nothing but fun and games around here lately!

Funny thing is, we are getting a lot accomplished around here.  It’s amazing what “I” can get done when “I” set my mind to it.  Focusing on one task a day has made it all feel less overwhelming. 

Overall I’m pretty happy with my deal.  “I” might have a permanent gig here.


2 thoughts on “One a day…

  1. I can so relate!! The best thing is that now I can relax a bit instead of constantly doing projects!

    Heard you stopped by to check out the house a couple weeks ago–we just got back from Cincy looking there. Am hoping someone we know buys this one…hint, hint 😉 ’cause it really is a great place!!

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