What did I just say?

Yesterday I said something really dumb to my kids. 

I said “You can’t all need me at once!”

I didn’t say it half jokingly, like “You can’t [possibly] all need me at once.”  ha, ha

I said it as a reprimand, like “don’t even think about asking me for something because I’m too busy!”

 I was cleaning paint stains off Lyndsay’s *new* shirt, Derek had asked me for a drink, Allison was started to cry to get my attention, and Lyndsay was about to ask me to get her something, too.  And those words slipped out.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by everyone needing something from me.  All day long.  And sometimes my own selfishness amazes me!  The cold, hard, truth about being a mom is that a lot of the time, all three kids can and will need me all at once. 

So today I’m trying to remember the huge blessing these children are to me and that this season of life will be gone before I know it.  

Yesterday afternoon I asked Lyndsay and Derek what I’ll do next year when they are both in school.  Lyndsay replied that I’d be busy playing with Ally.  And she’s probably right.  But then she added, “And after Ally goes to school, then you can take naps.”

Amen to that! 🙂

Have you ever been surprised by the words that have come out of your mouth?  If you feel like it, share a recent example!

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