Music to my ears!

Derek (4 yrs) was sitting at the table next to Allison (11 mos.) in her highchair.  I think the following “conversation” started after Derek finished a song he’d been singing earlier this week at church.

 Derek:  “Ally, do you know God?”

Ally: “bababa”

Derek:  “He’s up there.”  (points upward)

Ally:  (no response… she can’t talk yet!)

Derek:  “Jesus is up there too, Do you know Him?”

Derek:  “Ally, do you know Jesus?”

 It was so precious… music to a mom’s ears!  I pray regularly that my kids will know Jesus as their savior.  It was so cute to see Derek “sharing” his love for Jesus with his baby sister.

Jesus told us that we need to have childlike hearts in order to come to God.  (Matthew 18:3)  Perhaps he partially meant that we need to be willing, like a child is, to share Jesus’ love with others.  Perhaps we need to be more willing to ask the question, “Do you know Jesus?”

Do you know Jesus?  What does a relationship with Him mean to you?


One thought on “Music to my ears!

  1. Melissa

    That is the sweetest story! I love when my youngest siblings talk about Jesus, because they are so innocent about expressing their faith. Sometimes I wish I could be as free to talk about it as they are, and then I wonder why I’m not…

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