Out of the comfort zone…

This morning as I drove home from dropping my daughter off at school, I saw a teenage girl with two young children walking up State Street.  None of them was wearing a hat or gloves.  The young boy did not have a coat.  IT’S FOUR DEGREES OUT!

I went up to the next intersection, praying for them.  Then it hit me – why don’t I DO something about it??  So I drove around the block and when I came back they were still walking.  I stopped the van, opened my door (the window was frozen shut) and asked if I could please give them a ride.  To my surprise she said yes immediately.  I didn’t have enough seats (yes, so they rode illegally!).  I asked where they were going… she said to JK Elementary.  That would have been at least a 15 minute walk, if not more, and I’d just heard on the news that with the current conditions it would only take 10 minutes to get frostbite.  (In my head I thanked God for nudging me to stop!)

I drove them to school.  The girl was a teenager and the children were her niece and nephew.  Mom was sick and their car broke down a few weeks ago.  Then I drove the girl to Northside Deli to buy some food for the kids’ parents.

Before she left the car I asked her if she needed a hat, scarf, or mittens.  She accepted a scarf – an extra one I had in the car.  She told me they all had mittens & hats at home, but they couldn’t find them and they’d been running late.  I wished I’d had some more extras in the van for them.

This was outside my comfort zone.  I’ve considered stopping for people before, but I think only once have I ever done it, and the girl didn’t accept the ride.  But today I could not leave these kids out there in the cold.

I am so blessed.  When I think about the three of them, it makes me want to cry.  I told her that if I saw them out tomorrow morning I’d stop for them again.  I want to do more for them if I can.  I’m going to put some extra mittens, hats, and scarves in the van for tomorrow.  I’m praying that someone gives them a ride home this afternoon.  I’m also praying that I can be God’s light to them in a dark world.

Would you pray for them as well, and for all the others out there who are in similar situations?  How dare I feel sorry for myself about not having new clothes or a new house.  I have what I need and way more than that, because God has provided for me.

Please pray with me for Levi, Jasmine, and Jasmine’s brother.  Pray that I can share God’s love with them.  At the same time, praise God for providing all you need.


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