Confessions of a “messy”

I think I’m what you might call a “messy”.  Or maybe housekeeping-challenged.  I prefer to think that I have my priorities in order and frankly, having a spotless house isn’t one of them. 

No, really, I don’t live in a pigsty.  However, if you came to my house right now, you’d see toys scattered everywhere.  You might see some dirt on the steps leading up from the door.  You’d see some dirty dishes in the sink.  You’d see some *clean* clothes, all folded, in baskets in the living room…just waiting to be put away.  You would see 3 unmade beds.

And guess what – I’m ok with this.  Some people aren’t.  The very thought of dirty dishes in the sink causes them a lot of discomfort.  However, I feel pretty good if you don’t feel crumbs under your feet in my kitchen and the bathroom is clean. 

For me, there are just more important things to do than run around cleaning all day.  Playing candy land (for the 10th time this week) with my son.  Sitting on the floor and playing with my baby.  Reading great books that help me grow spiritually.  Writing this post. 

Sometimes I feel guilty that my house isn’t as “clean” as some of my friends’ houses.  But that’s just not me.  I figure if I expended all the effort to be that “clean”, then I’d feel guilty that I wasn’t spending enough time with my kids. 

In an effort to get some new ideas on how to strike a balance, I bought a book of tips on how to clean your house quickly.  Some were good and helpful, but some, I thought were bordering on the obsessive.

The book suggested I soak my dishrags in bleach daily.  Are you kidding me?  I have never done this.  Actually, I usually use handi-wipes and just toss them when they look gross.  So I’m wondering if people actually do this.  Is this something that everyone does but me?  Did I seriously miss out on an important part of housekeeping by not taking home economics in school?  Am I living in filth?  Are some of my friends, after reading this, going to shy away from eating at my house?

What do you think?  And where do you fall on the housecleaning scale (1 being a true “messy” and 10 being a “obsessed with clean”)?  I’d say I’m about a 5.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a “messy”

  1. I’m an eight or a nine. My sisters make cracks about my analness all the time, telling me that they’re certain I’m obsessive-compulsive. On some days, I honestly wonder if they might be right.

    I don’t have kids, though, and so I think it’s a little different for me. I like that you said you’re ok with being a ‘messy’. There’s a difference between having a house that’s lived-in and a house which is so dirty it’s unliveable. I’m pretty sure you fit into that first category. I know that, if I were a kid, I’d infinitely prefer my mommy playing candyland with me to having her keep our house spotless.

    And I don’t remember ever seeing my mother soak our dishrags in bleach, let alone doing it on a daily basis… I think you’re safe. 🙂

  2. I guess I’m about a 6. With each addition to our family, I’ve gradually let go more and more. I’ve given up on the kitchen floor. It’s so old, it doesn’t look clean even when it is. With all the boots coming and going, I could drive myself crazy trying to keep it clean.
    We have invited an old college buddy over to watch the super bowl on Sunday. They have one little baby girl. So I’m thinking…Should I be myself and let the floor go or should I get up off my lazy butt and scrub it.
    For me, orderly is more important than clean. And orderly basically means there’s a spot that things usually go in and I can usually find it. I chose brownish speckled carpet because I didn’t want to wig out every time one of boys forgot to take off their shoes.
    Maybe I’m a four:)

  3. Some days a 3, some an 8!! My house is relatively clean, although often cluttered. I love everything clean, picked up, with everyting having a spot…but it will never happen. It’s just not high up on my priority scale! Something had to give, and I would rather have it be time on my house than time with my guys! …and other times, I’m just too lazy too! 😉

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